The Swimwear Your Kids Need For All Your Summer Swimming

Summer is here and unfortunately; it's not going to last forever. Take advantage of the great weather and go to the beach with your loved ones. Making sand castles, swimming or playing sports on the beach - they're all are pretty nice activities for kids, regardless of their age.

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Do you have an upcoming beach vacation planned with your kids, but are unsure of which swimsuits to pick out for them? Choosing the right swimwear is important for making sure that everyone has a fun and safe time in the water. Before you pack up those sand buckets and shovels, take some extra time to select the best swimming apparel possible. 

With our helpful tips and tricks on how to choose the best kids' swimwear, we'll make it easy to find totally suitable swimwear that will keep all of your little ones stylishly hydrated during your next aquatic adventure!

Choose the right size

One of the most important factors when choosing water wear for your kid is comfortability. The swimsuit should not prevent them from moving or be a nuisance that needs to be rearranged every couple of minutes. If a child is uncomfortable, the swim experience might be ruined, and there will be negative water associations. To prevent discomfort, sizing is key, which is why swimwear should not be too tight that it causes rashes, breathing difficulties, wedgies, or red marks on their skin. However, it shouldn’t be too loose either, you don’t want it to be falling off every couple of minutes, or allowing sand and dirt to hurt their skin. 

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Choosing Fabrics

Another relevant factor you should keep in mind when buying swimwear is the fabric. Nylon and polyester are the most common fabrics in the market, and they tend to be the most comfortable, and durable ones. Some other fabrics or blends, might shrink with the water, harden or be not-chlorine resistant, which means the colours will rapidly fade. When buying, check for user reviews, they will be your best guide. 

Consider Sun Safety

Children’s skin is susceptible to exposure to the sun for a prolonged period. Therefore, when choosing girls’ swimwear, you need to choose something that will protect them from the sun’s scorching rays. This means the material should not only be light and breathable but also protective for the child that’s wearing the swimsuit.

It’s better to consider a swimsuit that provides a rash guard or is long-sleeved rather than having to put a significant amount of sunscreen on your child. And for children that have little to no hair, it might be essential to include a hat that will shade your child from the sun even more.

When looking at swimwear, opt for choices that actively talk about sun protection on their tagging. It’s crucial that you protect your child’s skin because you don’t want their skin damaged when they are this young.

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Swimwear comes in lots of different styles, and landing on one should be a decision based on what the child likes and how they feel more comfortable. If needed, the choice could be filtered by the type of activity and water temperature. For example, two-piece suits might not be the best option for water sports, or if swimming in the ocean a wetsuit might be a better idea, or if there’s going to be a lot of sun exposure, a rash guard might be the best pick to avoid sunburns.

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Go For Bright Colours

Swimwear comes in all types of colours, designs and patterns and it is difficult to choose just one, but ideally, you will want to go for the bright coloured ones. Why? A study made by Alive Solutions on different bottom-coloured bodies of water (lakes and pools) showed that, when submerged 18 inches into the water, the most common colours for swimsuits tend to disappear, and it worsens if there’s any type of water movements involved such as waves or active agitation. So, in this case, more than a fashion decision, you should buy swimwear with safety in mind. You want to be able to spot your child on the water at all times. 

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